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Chintz. A revolutionary fabric

 Chintz. A revolutionary fabric

With its origins in India, this sumptuous printed cotton took the world by storm from the mid 17th to mid 19th centuries. Discover the history of its production, the secrets and the savoir - faire necessary to transform the raw materials into dazzling printed patterns which adorned interiors as well as revolutionising clothes ware for all levels of society. Learn how Switzerland became a major player in the creation and sale of this new global fashion item and contemplate the darker side of colonialism connected with the trade of these luxurious cotton bales worldwide.

Have you visited the permanent exhibition 'Les Indiennes' or 'Chintz. How a fabric conquered the world.' at the Château de Prangins - Swiss National Museum?
Date: Permanent Exhibition
Time: 10am - 5pm except Monday
Place: Château de Prangins
Av. Général Guiguer 3
1197 Prangins

I am an official guide at the château.
Check the château's website for details of public guided visits in English.

Should you wish to organise a group visit in English, contact the château direct for all enquiries:

Image Source:
1280px-_Les_Travaux_de_la_Manufacture__MET_DP266919. CC File donated by the Metropolitain Museum of Art New York.

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