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Private itinerary

Private itinerary

Do you have a particular interest or wish list?

Discover the wonderful UNESCO Heritage Lavaux vineyards or the Château de Chillon, forever inscribed in poetry by the romantic English poet Lord Byron.

How about a day’s excursion by private boat on Lac Léman? Or a visit to the town of Gruyères with its impressive château, and THE place to have a fondue, followed by a visit to the Maison Cailler — the revolutionary master chocolate maker of world renown?

Do you simply want to admire the view from one of our many Swiss peaks, towering in simplicity amongst our wonderful and natural landscape created in the glacier age more than 11,000 years ago?

Let me create an itinerary for you, and make your discovery of Switzerland unique and memorable.

Airport and train transfer assistance are also available on request.

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