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Luxury watchmaking in Geneva

Luxury watchmaking in Geneva

500 years of intricacy and craftsmanship. The term ‘la Fabrique’ refers to the most illustrious period of luxury watchmaking in Geneva, acclaimed world leader in the creation of exquisite handmade timepieces. Discover the watchmakers’ quarter & the historical events which led to this opulent tradition establishing itself in Geneva in the 16th century. Facing the challenges of industrialisation, these exceptional watch houses have continued to flourish, embracing the new and revolutionary technologies of today whilst preserving a time-honoured tradition. We will start our tour in Saint Gervais and finish by Geneva's famous Flower Clock. A fascinating story and window shopping at its best!

2 hour walk

Post Office (entrance nearest the Cornavin train station)
rue du Mont-Blanc 18
1201 Geneva

Image source: Debra Kinson

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