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The Irish in Geneva

The Irish in Geneva

Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated worldwide on the 17th of March. Starting long ago in Saint Gall, discover the Irish connections with Geneva and Switzerland: Genevan scientist and publisher, Marc-Auguste Pictet, gives us some colourful observations on life in 19th century Dublin. The great writers and poets - James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, William B Yeats, found inspiration and refuge in our Swiss cities for various and surprising reasons. 18th century artisans settled briefly in New Geneva, County Waterford but why? What was the 'Geneva Window', why did it cause such a scandal, beautiful though it was? A rich history links Ireland with the 'International Quarter of Geneva', particularly the League of Nations, later to become the United Nations - there are lots of fun facts and intriguing stories to share on our walk!

The tour starts at the Brunswick monument and ends at Bastions Park.

2 hour walk

Brunswick Monument, Jardin des Alpes, Quai du Mont-Blanc, 1201 Geneva

Image source: Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons Genova-Windows_P8

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